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CINEMATOGRAPHY REEL 2016: A sampling of my recent work, including some teaser footage from upcoming projects.

Neff Visuals Cinematography Reel 2016

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Icon Versions

Free Icon Versions for After Effects and Premiere Pro
(now for Windows)

A free, practical solution! (For a mundane problem.)
Connecting Authentically

Connecting Authentically: Making Friends, not Acquaintances

A slowly disappearing lifestyle in the business world?
Movie Slate - Make Movies

"When I Grow Up, I Want to Make Movies!"

The childhood dream both easier to attempt and harder to achieve in today's world.


I’m a filmmaker focused on making a living while telling visually captivating stories. On this site, you’ll find my thoughts on the industry, practical lessons and resources for fellow filmmakers, as well as samples of my work. Explore, and enjoy.


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